Your Very Own Square Foot of Dunans Castle

Have you ever read thrilling novels set in Scotland’s past, or watched whole seasons of Highland adventure on TV and wished you could be part of the Scottish story?

Well, now you can, by supporting the restoration of Dunans Castle.

Join Vikings, Jacobites, Victorians, Rob Roy MacGregor, Thomas Telford and Madonna in an extraordinary tale of a clan castle, fire, deluge and the iron-will of visionaries.

Dunans is the castle in question, standing at the head of a glen named after a famous victory over Vikings; built by an independence-minded, visionary clan from the proceeds of their illicit trade with Rob Roy himself, the house is reached over a triple-arched masterwork created by eminent Victorian and bridge-builder extraordinaire, Thomas Telford in 1815.

Destroyed by fire in 2001 (after it was rumoured Madonna considered the venue for her wedding to Guy Ritchie – though the two facts are completely unrelated) the castle is undergoing an ambitious restoration by Dunans Castle Ltd.

To accelerate the process, the company launched this prestigious and beautiful decorative title package which includes ownership rights of a square foot of the ground floor of the castle itself…!

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Progress on the Restoration